New York to New Sights

New York is where it began,

I knew I'd be the worlds greatest fan.

I had an imperishable fever to roam,

my hair would never need a comb. 

I knew to be truely free

I would have to lose all that was "me."

I haven't gone far yet,

but I've I have my high hopes set. 

I'll be a world traveler someday,

the trickiest part is "how will I pay?" 

Volunteer, study, work.

Anything to find a new place to lurk. 

Home has taught me a lot, 

but now the road is all that I've got. 

I'm going to follow it where ever it goes,

I'm here to find what the outside knows. 

Goodbye New York and my old ways,

I won't be soon thinking about those "good old days."


This poem is about: 
Our world


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