New Skin

I like to think that our biggest insecurities are the ones that our bodies accept,

And when our bodies heal it is a sign to move on. When I was younger watching all of my classmates with their straight hair falling over their shoulders. Their light skin always made me feel different. I would listen to the jokes the boys made about me. My mother always told me being different was a good thing. I never felt like a good thing. Growing up I told myself if I did not love my body, I would never allow anyone else to. I put my straightener away. I let down my lions mane and I listen to it roar at the wandering eyes. I started to love my legs- There are so many places they are ready to take me. I fall in love with my skin more every day. They say artists are always looking for a new color to paint.  I listen to the words coming off of my mothers tongue in her native language as if it is a love story only she can tell. Every day I walk closer to the person I am becoming by letting go of my insecurities. I have learned how to apologize to my body for running away And I have learned how to tear down my walls. Freedom from fear comes when you accept how powerful you are. Being different is a good thing.

This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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