A New Reflection on the Water

Intelligent, diligent, on top with perks

People from high places wanted me in victory

The letter grades, the letters of proof, accomplishments

The water looked so good, too good


But my heart, mind, and soul

Deep down they felt empty and yearned for more

Adventure, challenges, a new experience 

I didn't feel liked I wanted to sail in my old waters


Duffel bags, sleeping bag, a wallet

I hopped on a plane and said goodbye

Heartache, excitement, the thrill

What do I even expect in cold water?


Fear, doubt, pain, negativity

I learned that these were opportunities

Awareness, courage, determination

I faced myself in the water, clearer


Investments, love, and my burning passion

I desired to live another year there

Guiding, nurturing, loving those who need it

We grow as much as the water moves


New York, Texas, Hawaii, Alaska

Brothers and sisters learn life like I did

Movement, love, a major transformation

We go beyond our lakes and our ponds


Fellowship, family, and love at every corner

The point of life is to practice true love

Commitment, faith, conviction, reposnsibility

We must become like pure water

This poem is about: 
My community


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