A New Poem

Tue, 07/03/2018 - 16:18 -- mmycue

I’ll start with a love poem

Because those seem to be the easiest

And it's been awhile since I’ve tried to write anything that wasn’t

Three pages double spaced

Times New Roman font


I always seem a little lost when I stop writing

Like poetry is the vivaciousness which help to keep me alive

Sometimes the words just get so scrambled when I try to make them beautiful

I’ve realized they have to be beautiful all on their own


It’s 1:26 in the morning

And you’re sound asleep behind me

I have surrendered my spot to our 39 pound pit

Because you finally fell asleep

And there is nothing more beautiful

The rise and fall of your chest

As you're completely at peace


For the first time

I wrote this because I thought it might help


Not because I had too

Not because my thoughts are buzzing around so quickly

I can't even hear myself think

I wrote this

Because I wanted to

Not because I needed to


And I think that’s why I stopped

Because compulsory chores are far less fun

Than going out to play with your friends

Because I turned what I loved in salvation

When I needed onto find it in myself


Healing happens best with treatment


I can hear you moving

Even with my headphones in

I’m surprised you can sleep over the clicking of the keys

I type 80 words a minute

I’ve never timed it but I’m sure I could


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