New Life


Each day you wake up, hoping for that magical rebirth that will uplift you and clear your head

But it never happens

Each day is a blanket of stress, constricting you untils its squeezed the life out of you and you go to bed

and that's it.

But somewhere under the covers, there is a beautfiul utopia inviting you in

And that, is the theatre.

You walk into that vast unknown where hundreds of stories have been told

But they still care about just you.

You look at that stage. A vast canvas waiting for you to step up and paint moving scenes

You are special. Becasue you have created a life for people who have never lived before- an oasis where your stress vanishes and life is so different than your own.

You laugh, you cry. You feel. 

You cross the boundaries of good and evil, which is which? We are just beings searching for our own happiness- searching for some purpose in this vast blanket of stress

And you soon realize, there is no such thing as a magical rebirth

but there are moments

   moments of joy






Always importance.

These moments are who we are

So there is never rebirth, but every day

Is new life


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