The New Kid


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The New Kid


You came in to town as I left,

But you won't replace me


I look into your eyes and see the smile on your face

Wondering if you'll ever recognize mine


I wonder if you'll remember me

Or even know who I am


I wonder if you'll forget about me

But have a sense of who I am


I may be gone, but I'm coming back

Hopefully nothing has changed


I hope I can still see that smile

And you'll still see mine


I hope I can teach you some things in my short time

And you can be somebody not like me but better


Cause your not here to replace me

Or take my seat or fill a gap


You are here to make a name for yourself

And make sure everyone is alright when I'm not around


I know you can make a difference

You don't need me


I know you can make it on your own

You don't need me


But when you're out there

You still think of me


It's your big bro off to college

Good luck to the new baby, making it in this world




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