Never Give Up


Dream to the future.

Let your wings take you there. 

Be brave and stay strong. 

You don't know what is awaiting you. 

But never give up, that's what you should never do.


Fate or destiny is the key.

Strive to turn your dreams into reality. 

You'll run into people who try to bring you down.

Make sure to push past it to the future written within your heart. 

Keep trying even if you fail, never give up, just restart.


Never give up.

Live your American dream. 

People who doubted you will stare at you as your rise above them. 

Respect and be respected, that's all you can do.

Because when you rise above virtue and respect will always see you through. 


Stay true and be yourself.

You'll always be okay.

Wake up every day thankful you're alive.

Believe in yourself, don't give into the gossip.

You can do it, Never give up. 



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