Never Give Up

To sit back and watch
That is not how I do it
I stand up and say aloud
I am who I am
A gay man
I do not hide anymore
I do not let words define who I am
I stand amongst the crowd
This is our time
Our time to educate
To listen
To provide a sense of community
To provide a voice for the ones we have lost
To give back to the ones who are struggling
Let them know
You are human
You are loved
You have place on this earth
And to those
Who oppose
We must never let them define who we are
Never let them tell us we are not equal
Because we are equal
We all are equal
We all are of different backgrounds
Different beliefs
Different everything
But one thing that connects us all
One thing that makes us the same is
Love for when someone passes
Love for when one is expecting
Love for when two individuals are engaged
Man and woman
Man and man
Woman and woman
Love is love
Never give up on love
Never give up on equality
Never give up

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