Never ending pain,Waiting,Waiting,


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Never ending pain,
Nothing happens.
The pain grows until it overcomes you and consumes you.
How can you hope, how can you dream, with the monster;
The monster of your own making.
He consumes every part of you until you can’t feel.
And then;
He helps you.
He reals you in with love and affection.
The monster steals your heart,
But it’s okay, you love him.
But now he holds you in his hand.
You will do anything for him and he knows it. 
Will he respect you or,
Kill you slowly.
Will he love you?
Or leave you crying out.
He’s a monster.
But you love the man inside.
I am beauty, he is beast.
Can we overcome our own flaws and love peacefully,
Or will it end in a vicious heart ache.


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