Never Been Amusing

Sat, 11/15/2014 - 13:57 -- Loi-Boy

People killin each other in no time. 

It's lookin like a shame in my eyes. 
I don't know about you 
but it's what I see. 
Cuz your life is all you 
you know it's not me. 
Don't let me 
or the government control you. 
Set your mind free 
hell no they don't own you. 
We bleed the same 
Our lives are very heaven sent. 
So we need to stop the hate 
in Ferguson. 
Yo we need to 
stop the rape and abusin. 
Cuz we're all 
just gonna end up losing. 
Our minds are what 
we need to be using. 
Cuz being ignorant 
has never been amusing. 


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