Wed, 07/23/2014 - 19:19 -- daheeim


A woman is fierce and strong,

The lioness, warrior princess –

Strong female character with elbows out, fists raised,

Steadfast gaze

Glaring at the camera,

Defying the lens of gender stereotypes.


A woman is soft and quiet.

A woman is a mother.

A woman is caring –

See? How she listens, how she cares so much more than

The Boys.


A woman is,


More emotional.


A woman goes somewhere for the people,

But a man – he goes for the event.  


A man is self-absorbed, I guess.


A man is analytical –

The physicist, the engineer, the

Master of technology.

The one who fixes his friends’ computers is

A man.


A man is ambitious.

A man makes demands.


A man is allowed to cry,

To be weak,

To be human,

To rebel against that antiquated belief that

A man must be tough.


A man is a father,

Spatula-wielding magician

Baking homemade apple pie while

A woman earns their bread.



I am strong and fierce, and

I am caring.

I am weak.

I'm one of those sensitive guys,

You would say if my pants bulged in the middle.


I am ambitious; I make demands. 

Female CEO, 

Tough Bitch,

The one who defends their hard-earned opinion -

You would see me as that last one, 

If you never saw my breasts.


I am the one who fixes my friends’ computers, and

I am the one who listens.


I’m not a woman.

I’m not a man.


I just want to be

A person. 


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