neurologist's love poem

when you went away
i tried to forget you
but the oxycontin and dopamine had already been released
my epinephrine stores had been replenished
i tried to forget but
you had already been encoded and
stored in my cerebrum and
i couldn’t stop retrieving you
the way you traced my freckles
the way you held me while we slept
the way you touched me
you touched me
and not just my skin
you touched a part of my soul
i had forgotten was there
and I wish I could say you were just a combination of hydrogen and oxygen and carbon molecules
but you’re more than that
you’re wonderful
fucking wonderful
even if you don’t feel the same
even if you never feel the same wave of chemicals I feel when you enter a room
or when we make eye contact
or when you smile
even if you never think I’m wonderful
(and I can’t say I blame you, I don’t quite think I’m wonderful either)
it’s too late
i can’t forget you
(why don’t I hate you)


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

very emnotionally driven
the play of words was great in making connection of neurological functions to something meaningful
great job and keep building


I loved the scientific twist you added to the poem to express the passion you have for this person. Are you planning a career path having to do with neurology, or does the brain just interest you? I'm sorry, I'm just a bit curious. I love your poem, though!


completely relateable. dope idea

Stephanie D.

There was a bit of disconnect between the science and the point you were trying to convey with the given "vocabulary". Clever idea and wonderful execution of combining science and the angst love poem. Brilliant!

Em Anekaf

I'm a really technical person and I tend to view things very clinically, like love, hate, etc. This poem really resonated with that part of me, especially since I just experiences a heartbreak. Thank you so much for putting it up. May I ask, are you actually a neurologist?


I loved it but i wished you gave more scientific terms


Science jargon never sounded so beautiful

Holly Bernstein

I really love the uniqueness of this poem compared to other love poems! Not just because of the word choice but because of the idea of it in general. Definitely one of my favorites. Great job!


Nice one..Will make much sense to a surgeon,lol but all the same its creative.

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