Nerd and Alert



Break-ups, work, bike rides, and play.

Everyday I see through new glasses, new phases and new games.

I read, I write, I sip and talk.

But all around me, things just work on and on.


I stopped bother those for they're too busy.

To enjoy any of life's cherishes glimpses.

The colors and sounds, just whizzing by.

They see only the screens as they run by.


So I stick to my computer, lines of code, and more code.

Feelings inadequate to obtain these friendly goals.

My computer doesn't push away, or ignore my words.

Just helps me breathe, relax and try again.


The people around me, focus on nothing.

In a world of making more time, there seems to be none left for human contact.

Obligations alter the stability of us.

We over commit, without seeing the destruction to ourelves.




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