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Standing in the wake of destruction
Waiting for the wrong to be right again
Wondering what happened to the love that was once there
Spring time turn to a cold dark bitter winter
Everything was carefree
Childern playing
Joy flowin from every corner
Silence and fear live here now
No child can step out and play
Mom and dad live in fear of the next unkown
Explosions everywhere
This is my neighborhood
Its no longer happy and blissful with childern's laughter pouring out
All you hear is the cries and pains of the once content people of the streets
Beer bottles fly
A deep inhale of smoke to calm the nerves and thoughts of suicide crawling through your mind
The voices in your head tellin you to get out of here and start somewhere new
But you know its hard cuz now its in your blood
Running through your veins
You're high off of what you let your neighbor give you
Saying 'this will take the pain away'
The pain dies for only a moment
You find yourself again covering up the scars of the past and the memories of what was behind a rusty needle
The neighborhood is no longer the safehaven you knew
Its the place where you need to hide from the boogieman and the jeepers creepers of the night
Scared to walk out the door and breathe the polluted air of your streets
Things were clean and healthy
The neighbor you trusted to take care of your two mnth old has now become a stungout crack addict and beats her own ten yr old
Afraid of having someone take your child from you
She's now twelve and beautiful as ever
But her beauty will get her in a lot of hell if she doesn't focus on the task at hand
Get her education and staying away from little boys that will fill her head with false promises and dreams of a better life with them in the streets
She's turning into one of those girls that you see walking into abandon homes with a trail of little boys following after her
With no mother stoppin her
Or no father to protect her from the evils that men and little boys can do
She has become the neighborhood
Every little boys has had her sweet carmel skin and lusicous brown eyes
With every turn there's a voice calling out to her 'ay mami come here' or ' you know you want this.... bring yo fine self over here'
The boys degrade her and humilate her infront of the other girls just like her
They were once like her, wanting to be accepted by little boys and be friends with everyone
That's all she wanted was acceptance from the kids that didn't look like her
She felt like life for her has become a trail of little boys taking from her so she gets out the only she knows how
By taking her moms 9mm gun and placing it on her temple and pulling the trigger
She left this world of chaos
Her little brother that was once 2 yrs old when she last saw him after taking the bullet of freedom
Is now 16 and thinks that the gang of 10 to 20 boys is family
He doesn't come home to let his now sick mother know that he is alright
The neighborhood is getting worse


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