Needing Out.

I need OUT.

I'm tierd of this STAY at HOME mom THING.

I only have one child and a pup but I've had it.

Why was it so easy before?

when she was only a few months old and i would go to school with no trouble.

now I'm at home while HER father works. Where is my place?

Cleaning, cooking, laying around, washing.

My plan was to become someone that can make a difference in a kid's life.

Never would I thought I had to made a difference in my own kid's LIFE.

I need OUT.

Am I sick? 

For not wanting to stay with her anymore.

Of only two years of staying at home. 

I've given up.

Would she blame me for not caring?

I do care but who cares for me?

Is that selfish?

I think about my mother sometimes.

Am I any different?

To start off with. 

I only have one she had SIX.

Did she EVER need OUT?

WE need out.



This poem is about: 
My family


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