A Need For Change


712 Amosite Road
United States
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War wages across the sea

Between countries fueled by fear and blame

Innocent families desperately flee

Because a saving grace never came


Back home the battles still rage

The youth destroy the hearts of others

Slowly, a struggle within will soon take stage 

When they should act as one, like brothers


They say all is fair in love and war

And people preach for change to come

Sadly, hatred remains as gay love is right next door

Without equality our hearts will go numb.


We lend a hand to those in need

Unless they are those who live on the street

Our hearts are tempted, but full of greed

All they need is a meal to eat


Today is the chance to take a stand

Be a friend and lend a hand

Make your dreams come alive

And help humanity be revived

We have the skills and a plan

Now is the chance to do what we can

Our world is dying a slow death

Take advantage of the time we have left

End the judgements and hatred throughout the Earth

And give humanity a beautiful rebirth


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