Need Blooming on a Cliff's Edge

I need your gentle fingers

To grace my skin

As your warm arms embrace me

And hold me together


I need your soft lips

To linger on each syllable

As your words

Talk my mind off a cliff


I need your strength

To become my life raft

As you save me from

My engulfing darkness


I need your hands

To hold me near you

As your heart beats

Letting me know you're still there


I need your warm stomach

To rise and fall

As you breathe peacefully

Sleeping next to me


I need your eyes

To look clearly at  me 

As you let me memorize

Your every inch


I need your intozicating scent

To surround me

As I search tirelessly

For any stable ground


I need your Promise

To show how much you care

As you slowly unveil

My most delacate layers


I need your understanding

To Shine a light through my storm

As I choose to trust you

With my every felling


I need your kisses

To fall gently on my forehead

As you whisper slowly

My three favorite words

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