Natural Woman


United States
47° 45' 32.5368" N, 122° 12' 7.5852" W

If a picture’s worth a thousand words, his vocal cords must never find rest. In this tiny cottage, his blossoming collection litters walls where the wall paper used to be. Each image features her, the most stunning female of life. She is his only obsession. He captures her deepest emotions in every moment as she effortlessly poses. Leaves rustle in the wind- the creation of her twirls. A waterfall of curls splashes down her back. When lightning strikes, her anger rumbles. Her tears are a special kind of rain. But his best capture yet, she saves for only the worthy, the ones who are willing to wait- It’s that vulnerable moment her eyes twinkle brighter than midnight skies.

Whatever her emotion, no matter the time, he captures each honest moment hoping that someday man kind will appreciate her majestic presence as he does. Upon his death, his dying wish: to be buried in her arms for eternity. To become one with his surroundings that are the creations of her.


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