A Nation of Objectification

America: a nation of freedom,

yet women feel chained

to a constant fear of men, stained

with feelings of desire and lust 

who's actions are anything but just.

Women live in a nation of chaos with possible attacks at every turn

and no way to defend themselves- much less be heard.

The words, "Man is king" and "You are only a woman" rattle, thunder, and bellow in our heads,

leaving us with no souls, no personality- simply a shell that sheds

pieces upon pieces of sadness and shame.

These feelings have a name

Power. Power is what drives men to lust.

Power is the thief that steals our trust.

Power allows men to take, beat, and rape

everything submissive on this earth- even the women that God shapes.

Women no longer have a voice.

Initially intended by the Mighty God to be equals to men,

we are now Barbie dolls- objects designed for Ken.

We are no longer hearts aflame with light and love.

We are no longer melodic voices blessed from above.

Women are no longer equals

as long as we live in this nation

of desire, lust and objectification.



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