A Nation Of Chains

We were all created equal in the eyes of our founding fathers.

But through generations, racism has been birthed by us the mother.

Mothers of what brings inequality and a long life of despair to those born in innocence.

The only way that Americans can live the dream that has been so desperately stretched with its meaningful essence.

What will give us the people the right to actually hold truth to our singing of “o’er the land of the free”.

It’s not the motto that all men are created equal, but the action that presents us a degree.

This degree means that we have earned what we so proudly preach daily, not a phrase spoken to cover the tensions among us.

We must mean what we say or it is meaningless.

Almost like a hymnal omitting the purpose behind why it is sung.

As the peoples battles day to day are so violently sprung.

Let us come together and unite for the bond that it takes to become what we have been shy of.

The idea of “all men are created equal”.

This poem is about: 
My country


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