Sweet heart.

Our miracle.

Why was she taken?

Why did she leave us at an early age?

We all smiled when she was around

She was never the bully, the one to make us run away screaming

She Meant the world to us

She was the reason we knew life would be okay

She suffered

Tubes to help her breathe, a wheel chair because she couldn’t walk

She always looked like a toddler because her spine wouldn’t let her show she was actually a tween

We would probably see those things as ones that make our life stop,  

But she saw them as inspirations

She never stopped fighting

She knew that every time she would see me I would paint her nails

She knew how to sign her basic words so we could understand her

She had at heart that showed she loved everyone around her

Disabled or burden were not part of any of our vocabularies

She was not any of those things, she was unique

Doctors said she shouldn’t have lived that long

They said she would only live until 2, but she was 11 when she was called to the Lord

You don’t know who she was so don’t talk like you do

Shenanigans were always what she and her mom were up to

She knew about selfies, making sure her tube would not showing

Never had to prove how beautiful she was

“Forever” was the song she knew how to dance to

Bows were her favorite accessories

Don’t think she didn’t remember all her special events

Making everyone’s heart melt, because she was sweet as candy

Never thought that she was not successful because of her differences

She was the best Disney princess ever

She was the angel sent to save us

She was and always will be our miracle

She was Natalie 


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