The Name of Emotions

Hello, my name is Fear.

The most fundamental part of being human.

I am the unknown that leaves you awake at night.


Hello, my name is Doubt.

The biggest killer of dreams.

I am that whisper in the corner of your mind.


Hello, my name is Anxiety.

The inability to deal with stress.

I am the perfectionist nature that is slowly killing you faster.


Hello, my name is Envy.

That bitter twist in your stomach.

I am the “if only” that swirls before your eyes.


Hello, my name is Sadness.

Weeping by the grave.

I am the gut wrenching pain of oblivion.


Hello, my name is Despair.

The lost child wandering through the darkness before dawn.

I am defeat settling around your shoulders.


Hello, my name is the Human Soul,

And I will not be broken by temporary things.


Goodbye fear. My name is Bravery.

The most fundamental skill of survival.

I am the faith that I need to make it through.


Goodbye doubt. My name is Confidence.

The knowledge that my greatest critic is myself.

I am that nudge to go just one more time.


Goodbye anxiety. My name is Serenity.

The ability to be calm in the storm.

I am the unconquerable nature that allows me to rise above.


Goodbye envy. My name is Content

Happiness that I did all of this.

I am the rose bush that is prettier than any grass.


Goodbye sadness. My name is Joy.

Smiling because tears will dry.

I am, “One thing may go, but another will come.”


Goodbye despair. My name is Hope.

Stars shine the brightest on the darkest nights.

I am resignation surrendering to determination.


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