N is for Nerd



I find it funny when people still try to use the labels from old 80’s movies.

The jock, the brain, the princess, basket-case, criminal.

And in my case, I struggle to decipher which I would be.

Probably the brain, the classic female nerd

Not that it’s a bad thing.

In fact, it’s a title I deserve.

Followed by a long list of categories and sub-headings,

Not just a nerd,

But a thespian, hippie, geek Sterling Scholar,

A student who doesn’t understand the definition of popular in pop culture.

A loudly opinionated introvert who can’t spell to save her life,

An actress who speaks the truth by telling lies.


I guess what I mean is I’m a nerd of first degree,

And proud of it too, I wear my status on my sleeve.

Everywhere I go I love to represent.

I’m a Broadway-belting, observation-writing teen,

Because the only person I’m destined to become is the person I decide to be.


A Ringer, Potterhead and a Nerdfighter too,

Still waiting for somebody to be the Margo to my Q,

Knowing that imagining is something we must do.

And if you ask me I can tell you how to go there and back again,

And I know anything is possible when I’m surrounded by my friends.


I listen to T-Sweezy and the Off-Broadway Cast,

I dream of one day making beauty and art that will last.

I don’t really know the difference

Between poetry and slam,

But I need to communicate the truth of who I am.

I’ll give it a shot, I’ll try anything once,

See if I can go the distance,

Because there has to be more to my life than mere existence.


All I can do is mean what I say,

Live my life in the extreme, like there’s no day but today.

Take pride in what you love frequently and often

In fact, to quote John and Hank

Don't Forget to Be Awesome.



Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression! 

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