I have lost all whom I thought would stay

I let my guard down only for you to pull the rug away

You are gone and I am lost what shall be next?

I look around for a way out but all I witness are wrecks.  

What did I do to earn this misfortune?

For all bad things, you find me at fault?


Okay, you say, If I am the beholder of all bad endings.

May I just end it and start a new beginning?

I hold myself close to the edge but i just can’t jump

There is more for me here but this at this moment I struggle to defeat this stump


“Why would you do this?” They shout out and plead.

Well if I mean so little why shall you care if I bleed

I stumble and trip but I just can't find a reason to stay

So, the answer must be for me to go away

You call me so fragile and complex

But the truth is I’m the same. I just love the same sex


I call out to you for help but all you hear is silence.

Yet I am standing right here I am witnessing no absence.

I wish to try to help myself

Yet my ways of coping inconvenience yourself

“women should have rights over their body.” You say

but I’m not allowed to change today?


“People don’t change.”

Then why does the person in my mirror look so strange.

I am not okay in my own body

Yet you force me to remain a proper lady

“sit down and sit still!”
why can’t you hear me when I tell you I’m ill?

This burning urge is just something I can’t kill.

Oh, I forgot all you see of me is another bill

Something to pay and be done with

Well honey I hate to break it to you, but I’m not just a myth.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
Our world
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just so you know i have a spelling typo in there during the phrase "I stumble and trip but i just can find a reason to stay" it is supposed to say "can't" not "can".


Wow, I could feel the hurt in this poem. I love how it rhymes and I love the theme behind it. You're right, we're not myths, but I'd say we're legendary. Please keep creating!

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