The mystery of words

Why do I write?  Because words are so easily expressed without further explanation, yes some words can stand alone.  See, words can be enlightened to the soul; words can also easily curse someone’s life.  One sentence restates the point of an earlier one, but in different terms, only the writer can feel the meaning behind it. The reader only wonders what was trying to be expressed. Words can become a mystery, an uncover mystery to the reader only pragmatics, and syntax reveals the context in the English language. I tend to write about the present, past, and future and not to get you confused I used inflectional and derivational morphemes. So be careful as you read each poem, only the knowledgeable can discover the meaning behind it.


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

knowledge is power

words can embrace or destroy depending on how one uses it

you validated your reason to write

always remember-you have the right to write/tell your own story, never allow anyone to do it for you

continue to be the absolute best

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