Mystery Soup

You don't just love someone for the way they treat you,
The way they look,
The way they act,
The way they cook
Or even for the compromises
Or the pain and anger and ridicule you've gone through together,
Because anybody could have done that.
Any person could have looked just as good,
Made just as many bad jokes,
Helped you through those hard times,
Argued with you over the stupid things,
I bet, if you just moved to another area you'd find just as good of a person.
Maybe even better.
But that doesn't mean you'd love them.
There has to be that underscribable...
A secret ingrediant, you can call it,
That they have that makes you say when they ask you why you love them,
"I don't know."
Because if you knew what made you love them
Then the magic
The whole fun of the yummy mystery soup you make together
Is gone.


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