Mystery Man


United States
38° 54' 32.832" N, 77° 17' 32.0388" W

Words of this man tickle my ears
Invading my mind like a rash
But the mystery man never appears
Forever eluding my grasp

A man of many talents
Some say he is a prodigy
Because he is oh so gallant
In the business of mining ivory

Like hamlet I am losing my mind
With questions I long to ask
Answers to which I may never find
When will I unveil his mask?

"Oh mystery man, oh mystery man!
Why do you hide from me so?
Is this apart of your plan
Or do you not want me to know?"

There are rumors that you are ill,
What secrets have you to hide?
Is it just a simple chill,
Or something worse inside?

Sick brains cannot run a company
The worst may be yet to come
You will leave us in disharmony
On the day that you are done.

The black may soon consume you
So please, reveal yourself
Before you're sunk in the deep blue
And become just a picture on the shelf.


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