Mystery Girl

She came into class and sat next to me
with sad eyes
she was trying to hide
so the whole world couldn't see
the tears running down her face.
It wasn't my place
to ask her what was wrong or if she was okay
but I should've. I just couldn't think of the right words to say.
Tragically beautiful is a cliche
but one look at her made my heart break.
I wonder if anyone else noticed the way she leaned forward on the desk
as if she could bury herself in the person sitting in front of her, as if it would take all the weight off her chest
or the way her voice cracked when she finally spoke
when the teacher called role. They say where there's smoke
there's fire; and she was the brightest flame I had ever seen.
 She lasted three weeks.
No one knows what happened to her after
but I hope that in her new life, she's making up for lost laughter.
I wish I could have told her how beautiful she was
I think she needed to hear it, or maybe just see a friendly face.
Whatever her fate,
I hope she escaped
whatever it was that caused her so much pain.
And maybe writing this is all in vain,
maybe she was just having a bad day,
maybe she was sick, or maybe she caved
Into something else entirely.
Maybe she just preferred to suffer silently.
But since then, I haven't been able to get her out of my head,
and I think about all the things I could have said
to make her not feel so alone.
Maybe she's better off on her own.
Guess I'll never know. 


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