Myself and I


I am in love, riding an exciting rollercoaster with the end not in sight

I wonder about my future and who I’ll be spending it with

I want to feel wanted

I need to feel wanted


I am the first born, the guess and check experiment with data that will be repeated

I think life is unfair sometimes

But I know I am lucky


I worry about the small things, the big things, the nonexistent things

I try to plan everything out so I’m ready for it all

Although sometimes I enjoy the little surprises life brings me


It is hard for me to forgive

I don’t give second chances, and I don’t take apologies well

I am judgemental, the fly on the wall watching everyone, giving it’s own opinion to it all


I am fun but not daring

Crazy but not willing

But overall, I am me

Proud, and my own self


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