my year in review

They say the number 13 is unlucky
2013 couldn't get any worse
5 months after losing my grandma
Now her sister joins her pull the tissues out mom's purse
As we say our final goodbyes
Try to stay strong but everybody cries
We could really use some good news 
One more crappy thing ill blow a fuse
Trying to be optimistic keep my head up, but nothing good comes of it I'm getting fed up
Starting to lose faith in god
That's a terrible thing to say
But it's just how I feel
Still better make sure I pray
Cuz things can always be crappier 
That's for sure
Be thankful we live in America
Not darfur
But still can't help but reminisce
Cuz growing up sucks
Just rewind 10 years all the good times I miss
To have everything the way it was I'd pay a million bucks
All my family and friends all in good health
Much rather have that than I would wealth
Everything happens for a reason
Hard to understand that this holiday season
Wishing I was home, not 2 hours away from my fam and friends
Cuz they're the ones that are with u thru it all til the end
Thank god for them, without em I'd go crazy
Always there for me when life gets hazy
I'm gonna miss you Aunt Betty, like I do granny, uncle George, aunt nancy and grandpa curry
Glad I have so many angels watching over me telling me not to worry


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