My World, My Hero

A parent who works hard day and night 

A parent who sacrifices to give you light 

Someone to lean on, someone to cry on 

My love for you can go on and on

You provide love and shelter for all your kids

You never had a break and you never even hid 

You face any struggles that comes in your way 

Your selfless acts will be remembered till this day 

Many times I hear the weeping in your voice 

My heart sinks wishing you never had that choice 

I barely get to see you since you are always busy 

But that never stopped me from loving you so easily 

You could have walked away from me a long time ago 

I'm so glad you are here today and tomorrow 

You are my hero, someone who I can depend 

Hopefully you will never disappoint me until the end 

If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't be this strong

If it wasn't for you, every step I take would be wrong 

I want to help ease your emotional pain 

Tears falling from you face like pouring rain 

When you see me, you will put on a mask 

I want to know, but I'm too afraid to ask 

You inspire me to believe in myself when I'm down 

You make me smile even when I want to frown

When times are tough, you taught me how to fight 

You are the sun and moon to my day and night

This poem is about: 
My family


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