My World

All I need is one living being

All I need is one other soul

All I need is a reason to keep breathing

All I need Is someone to keep me whole

I have all I need when you smile

I have all I need when you laugh

I have all I need when you hug me

My mother, My life

She gives me hope when everything is lost

she helps me smile when I cant hang on

When I cry she cries

When I laugh so does she

Together we make a truly perfect team

When everything goes wrong, she can make it right

Even when I hate everyone

Even when we Fight

When I cant go on and Im at my limit

Shes there too hanging on

So you ask me what do I need?

What do I dream?

What would I bring alone on an island with me?

Not water

Not fire

Not pots or pans

I'm bringing flesh and blood

A reason to keep moving

Keep breathing

Keep Calm

Because without her, I have no one.

This poem is about: 
My family


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