My Words Have Power

my words have power

like thunder in an otherwise quiet night

they reach ears miles from their source

a crack of light with each ink stain

while the message is carried across cities


my words have strength

like a rock climber thousands of feet above the valley floor

reaching for the next hold before their fingers slip

they let out a shout as they fall

only to be caught by a trust-laced rope


my words have patience

like a lonely child waiting up for their parents to come home

telling the babysitter that it isn't past their bedtime

and that they aren't tired

while their eyelids droop

weighted down by the exhaustion that being six years old brings


my words have character

shaped by my experiences

and hand-crafted by my education

a vocabulary expanded by curiousity

and merriam-webster's word of the day

although i'll never quite be able to communicate exactly what i'd like to say

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