My Words

Wed, 06/05/2013 - 10:37 -- BW289

I take words out of my pocket,
Words that paint a picture,
Words that are wishes and words that are sober,
Words of love, of happiness or truth,
I express my feelings with these words to you.
Words that leave an impact,
Are the words that I leave,
Words that will tell stories when I can no longer breathe.
My words full of heart, fantasy or truth,
Words from my pocket, I give to you.
When I'm gone I will leave my words,
And leave them to be read around the world.
My thoughts, my feelings, written down,
I leave my words to be shared around.
For these words are what will be left of me,
When I'm no longer here,
They are what you will read.





thanks a bunch


Lizbeth Anahi Ibarra

Love this!!


im glad! and thanks!


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