My Wheelchair


I sit

I sit every day.

I lie at night and sit at light,

I roll to school,

I roll to work.

Doors open,

People look.

Every day I sit,

Books on my lap,

Bag on the back,

Arms tired,

I roll every day.


Someone comes and takes my hand,

As I sit back and look at my wristband.

Green and gold was my sight,

Until light blue came into my light.

It stood and stared,

As I look up,

She looks down.

I sit,

She stands.

I look again,

She smiles.

She speaks,

I listen.

My new friend

Is at my side.


I am happy,

And so is she.


We agree.


I sit,

I sit every day,

I roll to school,

I roll to work.

I see light blue.

And now I know,

It is true.

My friend is here,

And always near.

I am now,

Full of cheer.


Feel my face,

It is in tears.

I do not have any more fears.

I am happy every day,

As I roll in peoples way.

Life is good,

Life is fare,

As I sit,

In my wheelchair.



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