My Unreasonable Depression.

For so long I have craved happiness.

The sun is too bright, pull the covers higher.

Look at them laughing, having fun, while I shrink further away.

Go into the bathroom and cry so no one knows.

I know healthy is all I can strive to be.

Eat everything in the fridge, because it's the only thing that doesn't fail you.

Fake a smile, Do my hair, Put on make-up, That'll make me feel better.

Don't speak to people. Sit on the sidelines or be judged.

Open my eyes for once and there's someone holding out their hand.

Don't trust. Remember what everyone has done to you before.

I just want to grab their hand and cry on a loving shoulder.

They won't be around forever, you better enjoy them while you can.

My family loves me, I can talk to them.

No you can't, they have to love you.

My friends have been there for so long I can talk to them.

HA. They say you're crazy. They use you. They don't care.

Stuck in a mold, stuck in a shell. Trying to stretch and break free.

Why do you still try? You'll never get away from me.

Please let my mind go, stop suffocating my every thought.

See those flashbacks? Those are meant to hurt.

You're done winning. I will fight you until the day that I die.

Go ahead and try, I am staying here in your mind.


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