To My Uncertain Teachers

Dear Uncertain Teachers,


You may have noticed some features

some things I'm insecure about

but I'm here to tell you without a doubt

that I am a boy.


I know my voice goes high

I may speak flamboyant from time to time

but my range goes on from soprano to tenor

so please try harder and I'll feel better

for I am a boy.


The shape of my face may cause some question

but don't make my gender feel like a confession

the shape of my body may have some curves

but ignoring the subject increases my nerves

I've told you, I am a boy.


I hope you needn’t proof to think that it's true,

I hope you'll accept it as I tell you,

I suppose it may be hard to understand

but as long as you try I won't reprimand

just remember that I am a boy.


I'm glad to be an active part of your class

where you give me work, I give you one task:

please respect my pronouns, or at least start trying

if you have any questions I implore you to chime in


From one of your transgender students,


This poem is about: 
My community


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