My Twisted Fairytale

Like every story,ours had a start




it never seemed to have an end


Our beginning was nothing but amazing


Our conversations turned from minutes into hours


we couldn't get enough of each other


Then our love turned into something that couldn't be changed


no matter how much we tried


It was a little mistake but it made you change your perspective of me


I started sacrificing my friends and my family


until I wasn't my true self anymore


Your love started turning into a war when you started showing me


the rope


the knifes


the guns


and the scars


I didn't want to see you gone as if you didn't matter


In my eyes you weren’t manipulating as the others told me


I only wanted to help


If I ever disagreed the threats would come back worse than the last


Every chat we'd have turned into a ticking time bomb


waiting to explode at the littlest mistake.


When I tried getting away


I didn't remember your claws or your arguments


I only thought about all the great things you did


You turned from a rose garden


all full of life and spirit into a vine filled trap


not letting me leave or else,I'd get hurt too.


So,you win.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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