My Time

My time will come

When I break free from this pressure

When I grab the chance to shine

When I find my peace

Until then, I hold onto my sanity.


Life is buzzing by but there is no content

No spark in my life,

No green light in my future

My body is moving meaninglessly and I wonder,

When do I finally have the chance?

The chance to change my path,

Create history, be my own person,

Be free from everyday nonsense

Away from my misfortunes, stress, and troubles


When is it my time?

To freely make my own decisions

To make lasting memories

To give back to my loved ones

To genuinely smile at life and say,

“I’m happy”


I’m only trudging through life

Doing everything I can to reach my time

Absorbing nonsense words through my ear

“Not that school”

“This one is less expensive”

“Pay this much, do this, go there”

I’m only a teen

But is it possible to have this much white hair?

Can you believe this is only a portion of my stress?

I sometimes wonder,

Will I have my time?


But I still walk on the path to my time

Whether I’m slouching and crying,

Or marching with my head up,

I will still keep moving forward.

Because I know, through all these adversities,

I WILL reach my time.


My time to smile, laugh, give,

Love, earn, and be sincerely happy.

My time to be proud of who I’ve become after hard work.

My time to look back into the past and say,

“You made it.”


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