my thoughts revolve around you

You made me trust you

when I didnt want to 

just to hurt me

just to leave me again


now I dont know what to do

so ill cry in my bedroom

listen to blink 182

because that was our song

now it just feels wrong


and I know

that we wont be

"together forever"

but it cant be over

tell me its not over

just yet


you said that

we could still be friends

but were drifting apart


I guess thats breaking my heart


but most of all

I feel stupid

for thinking we were gonna last

you really got my hopes up with that one

made me forget about my past


Remember we met

at a football game

I was wearing 


thats the color of the other



I know your not good for me

but im out of control

you make me feel whole

is it really young love if you have

an old soul?


by: ansley ryan horton

( hi my nase is Ansley Horton, im 15, and this is a poem I wrote and later

turned into a song.

I write a lot of music/ poetry and preform in downtown houston in 

Houston underground. Thankyou for taking the time

to read my work.)







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