My Sweetest Surrender

Wed, 07/02/2014 - 01:04 -- AT


I remember the night I met you

Your pale blue eyes always looking like they were on the verge of tears

We spoke about nothing but somehow you felt so familiar

A cool rain was falling and we said goodbye


I remember asking you to coffee the next time we met

October leaves hanging I was playing it cool and I spilt my cup

But you just laughed and handed me your napkin

That became our spot by the window


I remember your head heavy on my shoulder

I remember the warmth of each kiss

I remember every word to your favorite songs

I remember slow dancing with you in the television light...


I don't remember what I did wrong?

But this time your pale blue eyes were really crying

We were waiting by the phone for the other to call 

I should've caved in...

I should've prayed for rain and waited for you on your front porch



I do remember the next guy that held you who wasn't me

And I do remember the next lips I kissed that weren't yours

But you will always be my sweetest surrender



This was so cute and i really enjoyed reading this because it showed you were vulnerable.


Hey thanks never wriiten slam poetry before glad you enjoyed it

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