My story


Wow is all I have to say

After seeing cast a way

poetry is a way to vent

mom needs help with paying rent

Everything I say is real 

words display the way I feel

Writing trying not to flip

typing college scholarships 

Im just stating what is true

and debating what to do

On the bright side, watching new girl

seems on netflix there is two worlds

one with work and schools and college 

the other fools and nonsense 

they balance out like scales and weights 

they help with me flow like sails in lakes.

I love to help I gotta try.

my shoulder is your spot to cry

In my minds a lot to write

I get distracted. spotify

I love my music gots to have it 

if i dont im turning savage

not sure what stranger danger is

 never found a stranger dangerous 

my parents said told me. but i dont remember

oh well im cool this world I rule now back to swipes on tinder

Funny thing i heard my parents arguing not over me

but my dad asked her for coffee nicely so to speak.

she told him catch a plane to south amarica  go to a tree 

look beside it for a plant and get the cocoa leaf 

get the beans fly them back and put them over steam 

make the coffee cause lord knows you wont get it from me 

so i like new girl when i just want some laughter

If feel real intense then I watch supernatural

me and my nephew watch peppa pig and he'll just play with me

and when I get the chance its walking dead on AMC 

I might just read some shakespear man, to be or not to be. 

And when i want more music you can catch me watching glee. 

demons devils ghost fire all those monstrous things. 

well i think all of those are swell when watching constantine.

I want to see you shoot a three *passes to ray allen*

the heck with date night stay up late night Whats up? jimmy fallon. 

whats next lets see I have to think what makes me laugh and cry

of yeah thats right with peter at night you know it. family guy

so bye bye world i'll  catch you later cant do with all the drama

i'll catch you in the year three thousand. I'm so futurama

or maybe travel back in time just so far to miss

well in that case fight face to face my name is spartacus

Boom! Boom! major cities falling there they go.

 where am i? well I'm inside the city jericho. 

I just worked out see what I did i just ran today 

and after that layed on my back and watched some anime

with all these things i tell you. you must think that im to slow

but nope I have a shadow clone and my friend naruto

I know you like well its alright my poems and all my rhymes 

not cold as emma you remember once upon a time

i cant name all the shows on this one.I hope they wont dismiss me

but you know before I go a big shoutout to disney.



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