My Soul's Song


The song of my soul is playing,

The beat entrapping me, surrounding me

Lifting me up at all times,

So why is your shroud still here?


No matter how far I run,

I could even fly away,

I hear them both the same:

My soul’s hectic song, and your beautiful music


So I dance all night to my lonely beat

Hoping to escape your snare

I light my match, never giving in,

Thinking maybe, maybe this time, I’ll be pure and free.


Sometimes it works,

Pushing back your veil of darkness

Long it never lasts, however

As I hear your beauty everywhere.


So then I dance more, I never stop

The beat lives in my soul empowering me

But what am I really dancing to?

Is it really to the beauty of your music?


Trapped in an endless circle,

Song set on loop, I cannot break it.

Will I dance to your beat until I dance no more?

Or will a more beautiful song hold my heart?


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