My Soulchild

I anit talking about marriage

I’m talking about a fling. You light my candle with your flame and you make me believe.

Much deeper than I have in the past couple of months. I hope your feelings are as real as mine and not just a stunt.

Because I believe in you cuz I feel your vibe. You make me wanna get on your soul plane and just ride nah… more like fly anywhere you wanna travel,

Your like my eye candy that I just wanna unravel.

You move like your thoughts, mind, body and soul. Wanna love you and make this thing a whole.

I use to get afraid of getting close because I didn’t want this love to lose its control.

But now, it’s all about that load I wanna carry for ya.

More like J cole “I wanna fold them clothes for ya” and take care of ya for a while.

If you ever need me day or night, call me up on that speed dial.

You like my sunshine that shines your light on my darkest inner child.

You are my soulchild.



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