My Soul

Born Broken, cracks unhealed

Dropped in water, cracks resealed

Holy brought demons, a pain untold

A life for a soul I sold mines cold


I pledged my life

Death gang black

To make things right

I profit that sack

Selling them pills

Moving that weight

Dealing those deals

A road not straight


Backed on a wall

Options obscured

No job calls

That deal looking good


So I sold my soul

To profit a pocket

To heal those wounds

Money Black Market


You judge me too much

But I really don’t care

You’re not in my shoes

And fair isn’t fair


You look down on me

And I look up at air

Funny you judge thee

A parent not there


You left me stranded

You left me alone

Both of you gone

A home not a home



I cry at night Hustle at day

The difference to make

A road we’ll pay


Dear soul, Forgive me

But I’ll come back

And redeem thee

That soul I lack



Mafi Grey

really good


Thank u. U have really good stuff too

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