To My Sons Who Are My Sons

To My Sons Who Are My Suns

All the men in my sons’ lives are ins some type of bondage

I look for a better tomorrow, but can’t find it

Between physical incarceration and the bondage of addiction

It’s all a mental affliction and I wonder if they care

Is there any spiritual conviction?

Do they see the scene they are depicting?

I say, sons, be better than what you see

You will never fall short by being righteous and Godly

Pray for discernment and wisdom

Thee will be false profits and false prophets and you won’t know which direction from

Treat the ladies right but don’t let them take advantage

Some can be very scandalous

Please love who God made you

The ugly and the beautiful

And always, always remember,

Mommy loves you!






This poem is about: 
My family


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