My Secret

Thu, 03/27/2014 - 14:38 -- Choyce


I want to change

The mindset of others

Or at least open their minds to many possibilities

With my secret

The Law of Attraction

Haven’t you heard this before?

I'll tell the universe my direction

Sending electric signals and vibrations

With stability and control

Because all we want in life is to be told that


Is not as far as it seems

Not knowing that a bad day starts

When we tell ourselves there’s no good coming out of it

Haven’t you heard?

Smiles are contagious

And our mind is the only thing

That stops us from reaching our goals

We must all be divergent

But we fear

Even the feeling of our fears

And so we settle for comfortable

We settle for okay

Not knowing the simplicity

That all we have to do is




When we want change

We must believe it is already in progress

And subconsciously carry them out

without letting our thoughts bring about unhappy feelings

Because we are then on the right path

To an unhappy world

I will start with me

And I will open my mind to opportunity

And have others in ignorance


And ask what is my secret.


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