To My School and Teachers

Dear School,

I think you suck.

I don't think you

give a f***.


My friends are bullied,

and no one cares.

Kids are crying,

it's just not fair.


You say you've done all you could.

You say you've dealt with everything.

But you haven't done what you should.

Because you haven't done a thing.


Dear Teachers,

some of you are really cool.

Some of you should go back to school.

Some of you should go to jail.


My friends need help,

and you blow them off.

Some of them are depressed,

Some are really stressed.


They come to you,

They trust in you,

until you turn your back,

And then you wonder why

respect for you they lack.


But you make the good schools look better,

and the good teachers more precious.

But you lock some of us in fetters,

because you don't know you're vicious.


To both of you

I want to say

Whose dreams have you ruined today?

Because of the jobs you never do?



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