My Savior


The world around us is full of turmoil and dangers

Little girls are being abducted and raped by strangers

People don’t really know how to express these feelings deep down inside them

Some chose razor blades others naked sheets that they abandon later

I chose to write

Actually writing chose me

Sitting at home all alone, basking in my glum

I smelled of cheap perfume while I was letting a razor be my pen and my blood the ink

Then I realized that wasn’t for me

YouTube videos of the great Strivers Row poetry group

Alisha and Zora speaking my life without even knowing me

 Bringing me to tears over and over again

The moving lyrics of Lauryn Hill and the crispiness of Maya Angelou’s voice

They all helped me get to where I am today

The girl who once wanted to kill herself

The fatherless girl who was drowning in a sea of uncertainty

The girl whose first love left her all alone and pregnant

The girl who had a lot to say but was too afraid of being made fun of

The girl who thought that god had forgotten about her

Poetry chose this girl and made her into a confident young women

Like Dory , poetry taught me to just keep swimming

So that I do, I keep swimming

This girl has a lot to say and thanks to pen and paper

She can never be silenced


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