My Savior

All my life,

People asked me what I wanted to be,

What I aspired to,

What I want to do.

At first, I was like every child in the world,

Wide-eyed, full of hopes and dreams...

And then, I grew up...

I learned the world wasn't all rainbows and sunshine.

I matured faster than I should have...

And when I thought about it, really thought about it,

I didn't know what I wanted to do with my life.

I began to think, believe, that I had no purpose... that I didn't matter.

Then, there came a day I really though about hurting myself... ending it all


I almost did


But then my own fears saved me.

I was afraid to die,

To leave everything behind with no closure,

To be forgotten because I was weak...

So instead I made an emotionless mask,

I hid behind it day after day,

And struggled to survive my world and definition of pain...


It wasn't easy


I lost faith for awhile


I became a hollow shell


Then I discovered technology.

From smartphones to game consoles

And everything in between.

I felt as if I found it, my purpose.

Through my fascination,

I had found myself, what I believe to be my meaning in life.


People can say that it's evil,

That it's uses are purely sinful, 

That it's purpose is to corrupt the minds of children.


But it is my savior.


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